General Election 2017

Over the year or so leading up to the 2015 General Election, I worked with a couple of colleagues to commission and publish a number of articles by leading commentators on the major issues facing the creative industries. We aimed to set out a series of themes and ideas which could inform Party manifestos and/or that a new national government should prioritize.

The articles covered a wide range of topics, from the provision of broadband to working conditions for interns. Distinct themes emerged, particularly around skills and regional imbalance.

Things have moved on since then – with the vote to leave the EU undoubtedly having a significant impact on the creative economy. But much of what we discussed back in 2015 is still relevant – and so we thought it would be useful to promote the site again, in the hope that it might inform Party manifestos in 2017.

Check it out here:


The site also includes the ‘general election manifesto for the creative industries‘ prepared by the Creative Industries Federation in April 2017.

Apart from that ‘manifesto’, all of the contributions on the site were written in 2015.




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